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BIR Withholding Tax Computation Tool

This free BIR Withholding Tax Computation Tool is simple to use. Simply fill up the data (Salary, Status, Period, Deductions, Allowances, etc) and press the calculate button.

This tool was not made to make profit. But, donations are very welcome. Donations will make this tool free and available for a longer time, and support for future changes in BIR system.


43 Responses to “BIR Withholding Tax Computation Tool”

  1. gerald raguine says:

    hi this is gerald..,i just want to ask since i am
    earning like 16000 per month and every 5th of the
    month a commision of lets say
    in every 5th of everymonth iam earning:
    7500 (16000 month salary / 2)
    + 30000
    and my tax withheld is like 10k????isnt it unfai????
    iam working hard and yet all that is left on me is like 2/3 of what i should have????really unfair!!!!!its unjust!!!!!

  2. admin says:


    You should be using MONTHLY computation instead of SEMI-MONTHLY. By using the calculator, enter 16,000 in your basic salary and the 30,000 commission will fall under allowances-other. I assume you are still single with no dependents and the calculator will have 10,160.67 as your withholding tax.

    My sister is living in United Kingdom and their taxes goes as high as that percentage and they think it is still fair. What is NOT FAIR here in the Philippines is that we could not see where our taxes go.

  3. Useful information for BIR Withholding Tax and your post regarding for BIR looks very interesting. I always like to leave comments when I see a good looking website. Keep up the great work.

  4. Danberf says:

    Good day! How do we compute the tax refund for an employee who only rendered 8 months of work for the year? Your answer will be much appreciated. Thank you

  5. admin says:

    Try computing your total salary for that 8 months with Philhealth, SSS and PAGIBIG already deducted. Divide it by 8 then use the monthly computation. Your monthly tax should be around that value, assuming you have no other income for that year.

  6. jeanly says:

    hi.. i’m a programmer and i’m developing a payroll system software right now… i just wanna ask on where i can find the formulas on computing taxes here in RP… thanks…

  7. jennie says:

    hi this is jennie. please help me with this. the company i will be working for asked me if i wanted the tax deducted according to my tax status which is ME3 or the 15%. apparently the company is under some RA provision which allows it to deduct 15% of withholding tax. i would like to know where i would have less deductions. could you also tell me please how to compute the ME3? thank you so much in advance.

  8. Dongunz says:

    i would like to know the tax computation..tnx

  9. jadex says:

    I am married with 3 kids to support, but for my status from the form that was submitted by our accountant was single and no dependants. So what shall I do with this? can I get my Income tax return? Jadex

  10. Gerald says:


    I just wanna ask if the allowance is included on the tax also

  11. Raymond says:

    How should the withholding tax of the 13th month be computed. Specifically the amount going over P30,000? Should that amount be added to the December taxable Income? Or should it be on a separate pay slip? The computation differs on theses 2 options.

    ie: A monthly income of PhP40,000

    Should it be computed together?
    Taxable: 40,000 + 10,000(amt over 30k of 13th mnth)


    Should it be computed separately?

    Taxable: 40,000 (for December pay slip)
    Taxable: 10,000 (13th month pay slip)

    Using the calculator returns different results when done either way. Smaller for withholding tax for separate slips.


  12. admin says:

    As far as I know, 13th month is not taxable if it is below 30K. What is in excess of 30K will be taxed. The reason why it is inaccurate because the 13th month tax is calculated using the annual process and not monthly. I am sorry but we did not include annual calculation on this tool.

  13. ritzel says:

    I’d like to know if I can file a case to my employer. I’ve been working with the company for about 6 years. Every month, they deducted withholding tax on my salary but February came, I did not receive any single amount for my tax refund. I really need your reply. Thanks!

  14. admin says:

    @ritzel, what I can suggest is for you to go to BIR and ask for your ITR (Income Tax Return) and compare it with what your company is deducting from you every month. This BIR tool of ours is for us to have a value close to your tax schedule.

  15. arcee says:

    hi, am just confused and really in need of help. my previous salary was amounting to php12,000+ monthly, gross income and under contractual, so no other deductions except for the taxes which is in 10% and 3%. 10% will be the withholding tax. this situation last for almost a year and 2 months. after a while, the general accounting division notice that my salary range will supposed to be under the 2% withholding tax. i asked the assigned officer if i could make a refund on the excess 8% deducted from my salary, she told me that since tax is already remitted i can’t make a refund. i made a computation, i suppose to have a refund almost php12,000. what i’m trying to ask here is, is there any way to refund the excess tax collected from me? please, i really need an answer, 12,000 is so hard to earn.

  16. ako po ay sumasahod ng minimum 426 pesos a day,i have 2 kids.magkano po ang kailangan ko contribute sa tax

  17. admin says:


    If meron pong 22 working days in a month, your monthly income would be around Php9,372. If gagamitin natin ang calculator, mga Php21.12 lng ang babayaran mong buwis kada buwan. Ito po ay estimate lamang. Kung ang binabayaran nyo po is mahigit Php100, cguro po sobrang taas na po yun. Kung mga Php50, pwede pa nating masasabing reasonable.

  18. admin says:


    Your HR can apply the refund on your behalf. BIR will always refund if there is a need for a refund.

  19. daiz says:

    HI can you help me compute my tax.. may monthly salary is
    13, 000 and I have a son.

    sorry i just cant get it.. super thanks in advance

  20. admin says:

    hello daiz, if you use our tool, you will be getting these result:

    Period: Monthly
    Basic Salary: 13000
    Status: Married w/ 1 Dependent
    SSS (Auto calculated): 433
    Philhealth (Auto calculated): 162.5
    PAGIBIG (Auto calculated): 260

    Total Deductions:855.80
    Total Allowances:0.00
    Total Misc.:0.00
    Taxable Income:12,144.20
    Withholding Tax:720.57

  21. Arjay Gayo says:

    applicable p rin po b ung calculator tool this 2012? I mean kung updated po ung computation. Thanks

  22. jb says:

    hi.. can you compute my tax for me?

    basic: 33000
    meal allowance (taxable): 1500
    sss: 500
    philhealth: 200
    hmo: 100


  23. jb says:

    btw, i am single.. sorry just can’t find the tool.. so i’m asking if you can compute it for me.. thank you

  24. Joyz says:

    the bir withholding tax calculator is not working, may i know my withholding tax? below are the details:
    monthly income: 31,351
    philhealth: 375
    pag-ibig: 100
    gsis: 2821.59

    thank you very much!

  25. Bryan says:

    Hi help naman po ang salary ko 10K a month fix po yun ang kinakaltas lang po sa akin ay SSS & Tax magkano po dapat ikaltas sa akin sa tax? Single with 1 dependent po ako. thanks..

  26. benreyes says:

    Hi good day po, ano po kayang mali sa tax computation ng employer namin? kasi po last year ng nagkaroon po ako ng refund na more than 20,000.00php. At tama po ba na installment ang refund namin include po nila every payroll as adjusment po sa salary ko.More than 5 years na po nila ginagawa yon sa lahat ng employee na meron refund.

  27. benreyes says:

    Add ko lng po, di po talaga pwede magpost ang employer ng list of employee na meron tax refund.Kaya lng po namin nalalaman na may refund kami kapag meron na adjustment sa pay slip namin. Other deduction naman sa mga payable.

  28. admin says:


    Mas maganda po na save nyo ang mga payslip ninyo with the tax data in there. Then at the end of the year, you can go to BIR and ask for the total and compare it with yours. Yan lng po ang masa suggest ko.

  29. admin says:

    based sa calculation ko gamit ang tool, from 292.54 to 394.78 ang range ng tax mo.

  30. admin says:


    Period: Monthly
    Basic Salary: 31351
    Status: Single
    SSS/GSIS: 2821.59
    Philhealth: 375
    PAGIBIG: 100

    I used the tool and i arrived with the answer
    Tax: 5082.99

  31. password recovery…

    [...]BIR Withholding Tax Computation Tool | BIR Withholding Tax Calculator[...]…

  32. phoebe says:


    Curious lang po ako.. everytime po ba na mag remit ng withholding taxes ang isang employer sa BIR ay may kasama ba itong list of employees with the correspnding TINs? is it like the same sa pag report po gaya ng RF1 sa philheath or R3 sa SSS?

    ive heard from one bookkeeper na kpag dw nkapag remit na ng taxes (1601C bir form) ay di n raw maibbgay ng BIR mismo if in case may refund BUT ang employer na raw ang respnsible na magbbalik sa mga emplyado? how true?

    hope to hear from you the soonest!

    thanks po!

  33. ferdz29 says:

    Hi! Just want to know how tax on 13th month pay was computed?
    In our present management all 13th month was taxed kahit less than 30k. reason nila para di daw kami mabigatan sa year end tax. pero sobra naman po yata laki ng tax…yung iba umabot po ng 25% of their 13th month po ba yun?

  34. tootz says:

    gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung may tax table din po na ginagamit sa pag compute ng tax sa 13th month pay.

    thanks po!

  35. admin says:

    yung 13th month pay pag less than 30K, non-taxable. at the end of the year at sobra ang nabayad na tax, may refund dapat yun.

  36. admin says:

    non-taxable yung 13th month pay pag less than 30K. sa pgkakaalam namin, yung sobra sa 30K, idadagdag sa taxable income for the year.

  37. admin says:

    Yes po. Same pa rin yung formula.

  38. admin says:

    ito po yung tool

    base sa tool, yung tax mo is 6,776.67.

  39. ehmz says:

    panu po magcompute ng tax refund?

  40. Leen Aquino says:

    May I ask about my case….

    YEAR 2012 po kase nag pa update ako ng status.
    from S to HF1 w/one child, na update po ung tax ko 15aug12
    at wla akong kaltas ng TAX hanggang 30sep12. pero end of
    the year ng 2012 nag taka ako bakit wla akong TAX REFUND?

    in my case 2 1/2 yrs n ako sa company ko


    share ko lng po ha…

    kase may ka trabaho ako na same ung case sakin pero sya
    ay nangyari year 2011. na update ung tax nya from S to HF1
    w/one child same lng sa case ko pero 15nov11 to 15dec11 sya
    wlang kaltas ng TAX but 30dec11 may TAX REFUND SYA???

    UNFAIR!!! po diba…

    anu po ba ung mali??? HR po ba???

  41. admin says:

    hello Leen, supposedly, ang whole year mo maapektuhan ng change of status mo. Yung HF1 na bale ang gagamitin sa whole year. Try to ask your HR about your annual tax calculation na gamit ang HF1 and the total tax you have paid. Kung may sobra, dapat yung ang tax refund.

  42. jipri says:

    panu po i calculate ang annual income tax po…

    taxable income is 237787.49
    status is single
    monthly is 22260

    can you help me po.

  43. Ligaya says:

    Hi Admin,

    I’d like to ask how tax refund is computed.

    I joined a company March of 2012 as probationary with salary of 15,000 and got regularized September 2012 with 16,000 as basic. I would want to be familiar and have knowledge on how tax refund is computed.

    I hope I could get a response as soon as possible.

    THANK YOU :)

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